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About Us


Few Words About Us

If you are looking for Biryani that is served fast and fresh, come/order Kings Biryani. We have used a mixture of this well-liked dish and bespoke it with our own, unique, in-house recipes. All the biryanis we serve are cooked in the long-established Dum style to defend its true spirit.

We also make certain that only the handpicked ingredients go into the creation of our delicacies.

Got a party, get-together, or a celebration? Contact us and we will be glad to serve you at the place of your preference.


Tasty, Hygienic & Fresh

We constantly strive to perfect ourselves and push ourselves in everything that we do, to ensure that we always offer the best, freshest and tastiest food and first-class and unrivaled catering services. The most vital idea that we clutch, is that we cook from the compassion and core and that’s the magical ingredient that makes us different.

Home ground spices

The exclusive aroma and taste to the food at King's Biryani's the result of our home ground spices.

Fresh Vegetables

We handpick fresh vegetables because you deserve the best of taste every time you visit.

A-Grade Chicken

We deem that eminent ingredients create an eminent experience. That's why we use top quality Chicken.


Our Biryani Is Famous

The expertise of cooking biryani is similar to work of art, requires a light stroke, compassion to the basics, and an eye for layering detail. King's Biryani chefs aggressively guard their recipes, lending every outlet serving biryani in Aurangabad its own unique, in-house taste.,With a perfect combination of rice, chicken, and spices, we create a mouthwatering experience for you. The spices mix together, serving its magic in every bite of our Biryani. With the traditional culinary approach passed down for generations, we bring a truly authentic Hydrabadi Dum Biryani experience right on your plate.

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